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Consumer Column

11/24/2015 Consumer Alert: Tips For Safe Shopping On Cyber Monday
11/18/2015 Consumer Alert: Watch Out For Grant Scams
11/10/2015 Consumer Alert: Veterans Can Stay Empowered To Fight Fraud
11/04/2015 Consumer Alert: Writing An Effective Consumer Dispute Letter
10/28/2015 Consumer Alert: Playing It Safe This Halloween
10/22/2015 Consumer Alert: What Consumers Should Know About Chip Cards
10/15/2015 Consumer Alert: Don't Fall Prey to Medicare Scams
10/07/2015 Consumer Alert: Cyber Security is a Shared Responsibility
09/30/2015 Consumer Alert: That Work-At-Home Offer Could Be A Scam
09/24/2015 Consumer Alert: Don't Fall for Credit Repair Scams
09/23/2015 Consumer Alert: Minimize Your Child's Risk of Identity Theft
09/16/2015 Consumer Alert: Don't Open That Suspicious Email Attachment
09/09/2015 AG Caldwell Encourages Retailers to Play Fair When 'Going Out of Business'
09/03/2015 Consumer Alert: Business Owners Can Defend Themselves Against Fraud
09/01/2015 Consumer Alert: How To Avoid Event Ticket Scams
08/27/2015 Consumer Alert: Spot and Stop Door-to-Door Scam Artists
08/20/2015 Consumer Alert: AG Caldwell Offers Consumer Guide to Home Mortgages
08/13/2015 Consumer Alert: Avoid Scams During the Height of Hurricane Season
08/05/2015 Consumer Alert: Learn How To Protect Against Credit Card Fraud
07/29/2015 Consumer Alert: Watch Out for Credit Card and Loan Scams
07/23/2015 Beware of Hotel Room Poachers Targeting Louisiana Conventions
07/21/2015 Consumer Alert: Guide to Landlord and Tenant Laws Available
07/15/2015 Consumer Alert: Military Families Are Often Targets of Scams
07/08/2015 Consumer Alert: Watch Out For Flood-Damaged Cars
06/30/2015 Consumer Alert: Tips to Celebrate the Fourth of July Safely
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