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03/03/2014 What Louisiana retailers should know before considering a going-out-of-business sale
02/27/2014 National Consumer Protection Week, March 2-8
01/27/2014 January 28 marks National Data Privacy Day
12/16/2013 Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Donate? Charitable giving to support vets and military families
09/01/2013 How to Avoid Medical Identity Theft
07/01/2013 Could This Vacation Offer Be Too Good To Be True?
04/01/2013 Am I Really a Winner? How to Detect Sweepstakes Fraud
01/01/2013 There's Wrong Information on my Credit Report
12/07/2012 Avoid Scams This Holiday Season
09/05/2012 Watch Out for Contractor Fraud Following Hurricane Isaac
03/01/2012 How to Recognize Foreclosure Scams
01/01/2012 Work-at-Home Offers: What You Need to Know
03/01/2011 Are You the Target of An Advance-Fee Loan Scam?
02/23/2010 Is That a Text Message From My Bank?
01/05/2010 Can a Credit Repair Company Erase My Bad Credit?
12/02/2009 Holiday Shopping Online
11/04/2009 To Donate or Not to Donate? Consumer Tips for Charitable Giving
10/14/2009 Pretexting: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Personal Information
09/08/2009 How to Order Your Free Credit Report
09/01/2009 Be A Smart Consumer: Tips to Avoid Contractor Fraud
08/25/2009 Spam No More: How to Get Rid of Unwanted E-Mail
08/18/2009 Don't Fall for a Line: The "Nigerian" Scam
03/12/2009 Louisiana Settlement with Dell Computers
02/01/2009 Are You Ready for the Digital TV Transition on February 17, 2009?
01/14/2008 Welcome Message from Attorney General James D. "Buddy" Caldwell
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