"Chinese Drywall" Consumer Complaints

If you believe you have been affected by what is being referred to as “Chinese drywall,” and you would like to assist the Attorney General with the ongoing inquiry and investigation into this matter, you can fill out the Contaminated Drywall Information Form located in More Resources on this page.  Or, you can request a complaint form by calling our Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-351-4889.  Also, it is important that you consult with a private attorney of your choosing without delay if you believe you have been affected by “Chinese drywall.”

If you have health-related concerns and/or questions about Chinese drywall, please contact the following agencies:

Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals
Indoor Air Quality Hotline

Environmental Protection Agency

Consumer Product Safety Commission


Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.