Kentwood Police Chief Gregory Newton pleaded guilty today to one felony count of malfeasance in office in connection with a missing evidence case involving $2,000 in cash, prosecutors from the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office said.

In April 2012, approximately $11,000 was stolen from a home in Kentwood during a burglary. The money was recovered by Mississippi authorities and was subsequently turned over to Kentwood Police Chief Gregory Newton. When the money was to be returned to the victim, the amount was short by over $2,000. Louisiana State Police began an investigation in Dec. 2012 after receiving a citizen complaint about the missing cash. Newton, who was the sole guardian of the missing evidence, pleaded guilty to tampering with the cash.

Newton was given a five-year suspended sentence, five years of active probation and fined $2,500 plus court costs by 21st Judicial District Court Judge Wayne Ray Chutz. As a term of the agreement, Newton was required to resign immediately from his post as police chief and has paid full restitution to the victim. Criminal Division Director Kurt Wall prosecuted the case for the attorney general’s office at the request of 21st Judicial District Attorney Scott Perrilloux, who recused his office from the case.

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.