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Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Installing Counterfeit Airbag in Salvaged Vehicle
BATON ROUGE, LA- Attorney General Jeff Landry today announced the arrest of an illegal immigrant for the illegal use of counterfeit trademark. 

“When immigration laws are not enforced, a safe haven is created for illegal aliens to commit unlawful activities such as this one,” said General Landry. “Counterfeit products, especially ones as important as airbags, are detrimental to the safety of our citizens.”

“Criminal networks are working daily to fool the public with illegally imported counterfeit goods they use the profits from to fund other large-scale criminal activity,” said Jere T. Miles, Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) New Orleans. “Selling counterfeit life-saving devices, such as airbags and airbag components, is an act of reckless disregard for public safety. HSI will continue to work with the Attorney General and other law enforcement partners to identity and prosecute these criminal enterprises and help save lives.”

Wilfredo Antonio Ramos-Mendoza, 25 year old illegal alien in Jefferson, was arrested on one count of Illegal Use of Counterfeit Trademark. He was arrested and booked into the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Correctional Facility following a joint Investigation by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation (LBI) and HSI.

In this alleged scheme, agents flagged and intercepted several overseas packages from China addressed to Ramos-Mendoza. These packages contained counterfeit airbag component covers. Through the investigation, it was discovered that Ramos-Mendoza allegedly repaired salvaged vehicles for resale, one of which had a deployed airbag. He then allegedly reinserted the deployed airbag into the airbag compartment and replaced the airbag cover with a counterfeit one.

“I have repeatedly voiced the need for the Legislature to create laws to protect Louisiana citizens from falling victim to criminals in our country illegally,” said General Landry. “Regardless of the pushback I continue to get from those who choose politics over public safety, our office and I remain committed to investigating and arresting those who blatantly break the law.”

If anyone has additional information or concerns about Ramos-Mendoza, please call the LBI at 800-256-4506.

Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.