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General Landry: As Attorney General, I am committed to protecting Louisiana citizens from unfair and deceptive business practices. This settlement holds CUSO accountable for its participation with ITT in subjecting students to abusive lending practices, and it provides relief to hundreds of Louisiana families who incurred debts for questionable education that they could not repay nor discharge. More
General Landry: I am proud of my staff for working with District Attorney DeRosier’s Office to ensure this monster never has the opportunity to prey on another child. I am grateful that the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals agreed this murderous pedophile should remain behind bars. More
General Landry: Medicaid welfare fraud not only steals from taxpayers but also jeopardizes much-needed services for our State’s most vulnerable. My office and I will continue to work tirelessly to uncover, investigate, and arrest criminals who defraud Medicaid. More
Consumer Alerts
General Landry: I encourage the people of our State to get prepared and be aware of potential scams and ways to avoid becoming victims of them. More
General Landry: I strongly urge Louisiana parents and guardians to take a moment to view the list of products in order to prevent their families from harm. More
General Landry: Scams like this are designed to frighten consumers into hastily sending their money to the callers. Anyone who receives calls like this should contact local law enforcement immediately. More
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Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.