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How to File a Price Gouging Complaint

What is price gouging?

 Price gouging is when a seller prices merchandise much higher than is reasonable or fair.

Does Louisiana have a price gouging law?
Yes, Louisiana does have a state law against price gouging. The law states that once a state of emergency has been declared, merchants may not grossly raise the price of products without good reason. Unreasonable price increases are considered price gouging and subject to penalties. In an emergency situation, a merchant may increase the price only if they incur a spike in the price of doing business.

What information do I need to include with my consumer complaint?

 In order to investigate your consumer complaint, please include the following:

  • Receipt(s). Please include the receipt for the purchase you believe you may have been gouged, as well as any recent receipts from the same merchant. For example, if you believe you have been gouged at the price pump, please try to include any recent receipts from the same gas station so we can compare the price difference.
  • Location of the merchant.
  • Date of the purchase.
  • Cost of the goods or services.

How can I file a price gouging complaint with the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office?

Please click the link located in the right hand box under More Resources to file a consumer complaint about price gouging.

How can I contact the Attorney General’s Office if I have any questions about price gouging?

Please contact our Consumer Information Hotline at 1-800-351-4889.