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General Landry: We intend to intervene in this lawsuit and any subsequent ones to protect the interests of our State and its people in the most judicious and economical manner. More
AG Landry: "Despite huge budget cuts, our office will continue to lead in finding and capturing people in Louisiana who exploit children." More
General Landry: Our State owes these families for their great sacrifice, which is why I called this special meeting to quickly get them some financial help. More
Consumer Alerts
General Landry: As Attorney General, I am committed to making our State a safer place for families. Taking a brief moment to learn about these recalled products can help ensure the well-being of all Louisiana children. More
General Landry: We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support from our State, across our Nation, and around the world. To ensure their donations actually reach those they intend to help, we are urging contributors to use their best judgment and take some simple precautions. More
General Landry: I encourage consumers and business owners to utilize our office’s resources designed to help detect, fight, and stop fraud. More
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Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.